Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Closer to Fine, Day One

Here's the first bookstore at which I read, McNally Robinson (soon to become McNally Jackson) in SoHo.  My novel was in the window.  Imagine that--something I created featured in a store window in SoHo! We switched the chair for a stool.  I was nervous all day, but as soon as I stepped into the bookstore, my nerves disappeared.  The reading went really well--a lot of people showed up (some excellent surprises--friends from high school!)--and I enjoyed signing books and chatting with people.  If you live in NYC and have not yet visited McNally Jackson, step into SoHo and check it out.  It's a large, organized, independent bookstore offering a terrific variety of books, and yummy snacks at the cafe!  

Closer to Fine Hits NYC!

Here I am, proud to see my novel in the window of a fantastic independent bookstore, Oscar Wilde, on Christopher Street in the West Village. (Closer to Fine is in bottom row, second from the right.) 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Closer to Fine in bookstores!

Here is my novel, CLOSER TO FINE, on the "New Fiction" shelf at Borders Time Warner in NYC.  In some stores, it may be on the "New Fiction" or "New Paperback" shelf; in all stores, it should definitely be on the "W" shelf of the "Fiction/Literature" section.  If your local (indie or chain) bookstore is not currently stocking CLOSER TO FINE, please ask an employee to order it for you!  Here is the ISBN #: 978-0-7582-2690-7.

If you are in a Book Group, please suggest CLOSER TO FINE as your next Book Group title.  It is a terrific book; it is a quick, fun read and no one will have trouble getting through it, I promise.  There are good Book Group discussion questions at the back of the book (I know this because I wrote them) and I would be happy to join your Book Group discussion for a Q&A session.  Fun all around!

One last thought: CLOSER TO FINE is the perfect beach read!