Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Closer to Fine, Day One

Here's the first bookstore at which I read, McNally Robinson (soon to become McNally Jackson) in SoHo.  My novel was in the window.  Imagine that--something I created featured in a store window in SoHo! We switched the chair for a stool.  I was nervous all day, but as soon as I stepped into the bookstore, my nerves disappeared.  The reading went really well--a lot of people showed up (some excellent surprises--friends from high school!)--and I enjoyed signing books and chatting with people.  If you live in NYC and have not yet visited McNally Jackson, step into SoHo and check it out.  It's a large, organized, independent bookstore offering a terrific variety of books, and yummy snacks at the cafe!  

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LisaMM said...

Congratulations! How exciting to see your first book on shelves and to give a reading in a book store! So COOL!

Your book sounds really good. If you're ever interested in doing a guest blog post at Books on the Brain, let me know!